Černý Orel v v Žatci hodnocení

Hotel Černý Orel Žatec

Accommodation in all categories for the lowest prices in Žatec.

Open 24 hours a day, helpful staff to suit your needs.

The hotel has a lounge and a congress centre for both corporate and private events.

The Černý Orel hotel can be found in the historical centre of Žatec.

Hotel Černý Orel Žatec

accommodation in all categories for the lowest prices in Žatec

Hotel Černý orel Žatec ***

The hotel is located in Kruhové náměstí, nr. 233, around the bus terminals of Žatec. The speciality of this square is a large beer barrel in the middle of a crossroads, which shows Žatec as the capital of hop and beer. The hotel, which is close to this barrel, has its own car park guarded by the CCTV system.

Accommodation in categories:

  • Standard
  • Grand
  • Family rooms

The hotel rooms are cozy and nicely furnished. All of the rooms have a private bathroom, a toilet and are equipped with a TV and a refrigerator. Wifi is available throughout the hotel. The hotel has its own car park.

The hotel prices include a buffet breakfast, offered in a stylish hunting lounge. The hotel also has a congress centre with a bar and private rest rooms. It is suitable for conferences, trainings and celebrations.

Why to choose the hotel Černý Orel?

  • location in the centre of Žatec
  • low prices for the accommodation
  • breakfast included
  • parking right by the hotel
  • open 24 hours a day
  • barrier-free access and a hotel lift
  • the hotel stylish restaurant
  • congress centre
  • lounge
  • discounts on long-term accommodation
  • credit cards accepted
  • WIFI throughout the hotel for free of charge

Stylish restaurant with excellent cuisine and a summer terrace. Open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.. Lunch and dinner are served here. Capacity of 75 people. More information here.

Capacity of 80 people – we accept reservations for weddings, conferences, seminars, trainings, celebrations, vernissages, etc.

Capacity of 35 people – we accept reservations for various meetings, graduations, private meetings, family celebrations, etc.


From the history of the hotel Cerny Orel

Původní budova

The original building of the Černý Orel Hotel was built by Jakob Heller as a place for the hop drying and sulfation, based on Josef Petrovský´s project. This area was extended by Rudolf Fischbach in 1925. After 1948, the building was linked to the hop stores of Wilhelmina and Georges Girschick, No. 226 and 227, in the Obloukova Street, and served to the Cooperative Wholesale With Industrial Goods for storage. In 2008, this drying room was completely rebuilt. It has been served as a hotel since then.
From the original building, the original freight lift, which is now fully functional for the needs of the hotel guests, had been preserved at the hotel transfer.

Hotel Černý Orel Žatec *** – accommodation at a low price!

HOTEL ČERNÝ OREL Žatec | Kruhové náměstí 233 | 438 01 Žatec | Česká republika | Telefon: +420 602 627 777 | E-mail: hotelzatec@hotelzatec.cz |